My soul sings vibrantly
Alive with life and light
The feel of the beat of the pulse of creation
The pendulous swing of time infinite

You have shared the subtle touch
Of soft grass underfoot
The wild meadow flowers shine to us
Awakening awe-struck emotion
Re-awakening intuition

You know that I have felt, heard
And seen my dreams
This is how the wisdom has fallen to me
That there is a trust which outweighs all knowledge
An instinct within all of us

Having supped from the goblet that
I have filled for you with my words
You have dressed yourself in the shroud
Of my intricate web-spun dreams and thoughts
That glisten as with fresh dew

Then when I am gone, the silence will be strong
With the sound of my song lingering and
Slowly drifting in the glowing rays of light
Which from behind rain-drenched clouds shine
And you shall know that we have met
Copyright 1975 Hannah Balcam ♥ By our follower Hannah Balcam at

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